DIY Photography Moon Prop

I've always been a fan of those dreamy crescent moon pictures that date back to the black and white era with anything from a couple sitting on it to a little girl standing.  The crescent moon falls into that whimsical category of make believe and it was on my bucket list for the longest time.  Finally, I took to making one for myself and my sessions.  And this prop made with a unique element.... cereal boxes!  I needed something sturdy, flexible light and cheap... and they worked great.  I just taped all along the edges.

Photography Moon Prop DIY

Granted I wouldn't have anyone larger than a baby or toddler sitting on my cute moon but for what I wanted it for it was a perfect size.

The main element of the crescent moon, the front and back was cut out of cardboard, and admittingly required the most muscle and the cereal boxes lined the side of the moon.  I filled the moon with old plastic bags loosely scrunched at the top (bubble wrap etc would work too) and newspaper crunched thicker at the bottom so it would be a bottom heavy item.  

I have used this for multiple newborn sessions and other setups where it fits, like Halloween or a whimsical or costume shoot.  It still requires an assistant to hold steady and upright for safety precautions but works great.

I loved the quilt look on the outside so I gathered an assortment of yellow patterned cotton fabric scraps and wrinkled them, painted glue on the moon, then added them.  I had a little helper!

Crescent Moon Prop

As for the backdrop I just has a basic baby blue backdrop and the help of photoshop.  But if you wanted to go even further with legit all clouds... check out this hanging cloud tutorial. 

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  • Natasha

    Hi there! The crescent moon you made is perfect.
    Do you perhaps have measurements?

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