Welcome!  And thanks for stopping by Our Photographers Circle.  

My name is Rebecca Mabey and I wanted to create a supportive creative environment because being a creative entrepreneur is TOUGH! Like, running a circus tough.  Wearing all the hats from behind the camera, behind the computer, marketing, blogging, planning and so much more. And we could use all the support we can get.  Check out our videos on YouTube for a preview of what our store offers and the knowledge of over 8 years of wedding and portrait photography experience have to offer.  In 2009 I started Effervescent Media Works Photography.  

While I have a degree in Film and the Fine arts, I have also learned SO much the hard way when it comes to running a photography business.  But the best part, I started it from scratch.  As a student, in school, wanting to earn a little on the side.  And you know what,  it took off FAST!  

In 2011 I shot 35 weddings, while taking on a FULL schedule with school, pursuing other film projects etc.  Yep. That. was. crazy.  A jammed packed season of not only weddings but families, engagements, bridals , design albums and putting together slideshows and more.  Since then I have taken that down a notch, and you know what, I am to provide so much more with out racking myself over the coals! 

Let me share my success's and failures and the treasures of knowledge I have learned along the way.  If you haven't already, be sure to join the Facebook group: Our Photography Circle and join our supportive community.